La Sandwicherie...Best Sandwich on South Beach

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Working in Miami Beach has its obvious perks such as; gorgeous models, great places for drinks, amazing weather and a little sandwich spot known as La Sandwicherie. Located down a side street next to T-Mex taco shop, this no table yet packed hot spot, is filled with locales eager to
munch on possibly the best sandwich on South Beach. This joint is known for its ultra fresh ingredients, homemade vinaigrette (which they bottle and sell) and at times its monster size sandwiches. My favorite without a doubt is the ham, turkey and salami on a croissant. If you add mozzarella, which I usually do, you might find yourself having trouble "approaching" this awesome meal.

Established in 1988, this contemporary South Beach icon has not only withstood the test of time, but seems to be a spot that's here to stay. Don't be thrown off by the French inspired name. This place creates an incredible sandwich fit the street foodie.

If you're up for a drink after your meal be sure to check out rough and tough Club Deuce across the might run into Don Johnson and buddies.

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