Choco Shakes and Dogs at Wiener's Circle

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My first experience at the iconic Chicago hot dog spot is one that I will never forget for several reasons including:

  • First trip to Chicago was in January...god it was cold (remember Miami is home)
  • Chicago was amazing
  • Incredible eats, Chi-town definitely lives up to the reputation
  • Chocolate shake at Wiener's Circle
  • Being called an asshole at Wiener's Circle
  • Chocolate shake at Wiener's Circle
  • Calling the people behind the counter at Wiener's Circle Mutha'uckas
  • Chocolate shake at Wiener's Circle
  • Great hot dog at Wiener's Circle
Wiener's Circle is known for its late-night scandals, unique customer service and traditional Chicago style dogs. Don't be surprised (should you visit late-night) that while you're waiting in line to place your order the women behind the counter yells directly at you "what the fuck do you want asshole?" At this moment you can either choose to proceed calmly with your hot dog order, tell her "shut the fuck up and give me a hot dog" or if you're feeling a bit more adventurous ask for the underground and off the menu chocolate shake and get an unforgettable experience.

Open for more than 25 years, Wiener's Circle is a must for any hot dog fan out there. So much so Details magazine named it best late-night eats in America. Looks like Bobby Flay is a fan...wonder if he's gotten a choco shake?

btw - thanks to the Showtime TV show "This American Life" for the great Wiener Circle content

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