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After visiting and reviewing some great fast places in the wind city , someone asked me to visit this great blog. Please take a look... it is a clear example of the effort being done across the country by many groups that still believe in the fast food nation.

We will keep you posted, enjoy!

Golden Ribs Finally Open!

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As I drove down Grand Ave in Coconut Grove this afternoon I noticed
that finally the sign in Golden Ribs said OPEN!

Naturally I had to get down to visit the brand new location and try
Calvin's (he's been a staple in Coconut Grove for many years sellings
his ribs on the side of the street) ribs and infamous sauce.

Today is their first day open and considered the soft
launch...official grand opening sometime next month. All the items on
the menu are currently not available, but who really cares as long as
the ribs are...

Good BBQ in Miami is hard to come by so due yourself a favor a drop by
Golden Ribs to try somthing truely unique and saucy...not too mention
the people are really nice as well.


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If you're a foodie in Philadelphia, you know who Stephen Starr is. The man has opened more than a dozen restaurants here in the last fifteen years. This summer, he added a burger stand into the mix. Inspired by the Shake Shack in New York, SquareBurger is located in Franklin Square surrounded by a fountain, a carousel, a huge playground, and an 18-hole mini golf course. Parents may bring their kids for the activities, but they stick around and come back because of the food.

With the square-shaped burgers priced starting at only $4.25, this place is more than affordable. There's something for everyone here- the hot dogs are kosher, there's a veggie burger for the vegetarians, and even a summer love salad for the vegans.

To end the meal, there is a whole list of floats, shakes, and sundaes. The most popular is the Cake Shake- it's a delicious vanilla shake with pieces of Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets (Philadelphia is the home of the brand Tastykake) that you can slurp down with a large straw. SquareBurger has chosen to use all environmentally friendly containers, made from 100% plant materials, with recycle bins on every corner of the park.

If you're ever in Philadelphia, whether you're in the mood for a burger, a hot dog, or a shake- SquareBurger offers you good food at great prices, and the atmosphere isn't too shabby either!

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Interesting burger spot @ bayside...who would have thought??

Kingdom of Burger Heaven

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Kingdom, a great neighborhood bar located in the historic MIMO district of Miami, sells some of the best burgers anywhere. Queen Burger, King Burger or Doomsday Burger.

They also have a food challenge. If you can eat the 2 lb. "Doomsday"Burger (served with what seems to be another lb. of fries and onion rings) within 15 minutes, the meal is free.

Its a great neighborhood bar to watch any sporting event and the kitchen only stops serving once the bar closes so you can enjoy a late night burger. The staff is extremely friendly.

We highly recommend this place as you will not be disappointed...cause it definitely sucks when a burger doesn't live up to expectations.

Check out our exclusive interview with the Queen of the Kingdom!

Kingdom on Urbanspoon

Filler Up!

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After a 10-year rest, the infamous Filling Station located in downtown Miami is back and open for business!

This gas-station theme hole in the wall has a renown reputation for their burgers and creative "sedanwiches." Some of their more unique "sedanwich" options include:

  • Mel’s Car…provolone cheese, peppered bacon and tater tots smashed all together in garlic bread
  • Z-28…roasted turkey, ham, loaded mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce on ciabatta
  • Humvee…grilled mahi mahi, lettuce, salsa and pepper jack cheese in a whole wheat wrap
  • Charger…roasted turkey, lettuce, tomato and peppered bacon with pesto mayo on ciabatta
If you're looking for burgers or chicken "sedanwiches" as they call them at the station you gotta check out these options:
  • Mustang…a buttermilk dipped chicken breast, coated with seasoned flour and quick fried to get crispy
  • Super Sport…burger w/ creamy peanut butter, peppered bacon, red onion and lettuce
  • Speed Racer…burger with sautéed spinach, mushrooms, jalapeno jack cheese, bacon and a fried egg
  • Hog…fried chicken topped w/ smoked ham, swiss, peppered bacon and garlicky mustardy mayo
And for those looking to really fill up their tank check out the Big Mac Truck:
  • Howard's Big Mac Truck…A double cheddar burger with fried onions and pickles
We love the originality of The Filling Station and not too mention there is no better combination than burgers and fast cars...

Sir Pizza Kendall (Miami)!!!

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Sir Pizza in Kendall (Miami) is now officially open!

We keep noticing the Sir Pizza plot to takeover the Italian pie world
by the various new locations popping up throughout Miami.

As big Sir Pizza fans we welcome the takeover!