What was first the Arepa or the Burger?

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When thinking about ethnic fast food in Miami , you have to keep in your mental list the famous Colombian "perros and burgers." Usually found on street type joints, nevertheless you should also consider some of the gourmet type options.

Recently opened in Coral Gables, you may find Al Carbon an interesting alternative for getting the great perro-hawaiano or a stuffed burger. Yes , a stuffed burger with what ever you want: pineapple, cheese, mushrooms... This stuffing technique is a traditional method used in a certain region of Colombia (Atlantic Coast) for the preparation of arepa (fast food thick corn tortillas normally served for breakfast). In that particular area of the country they will stuff the arepa with eggs , seal it back and then fry it, a similar technique is being employed here to stuff the burgers.

You will also be able to find the famous "salchipapa" with "salsa rosada" signature dish served at lunch nationwide through all the high schools. I am doing some research in order to find the origins of this infamous dish, I will write more about it in another post.

Worth visiting. When you do , please give us your feedback of the place, we would like to read your comments.

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